Translating complex problems into user-friendly design solutions at Just Eat Takeaway.

Hi, I’m Caline, a Product Designer with a dynamic background in shaping digital experiences. Having honed my skills with a B2B food provider, where I optimised interfaces for seamless transactions, I now bring my expertise to a B2C global food delivery app.

My goals lie in creating visually engaging designs that elevate both user satisfaction and business success.


Individual Ordering

Product Designer | Just Eat for Business

Extending offerings beyond the main product range hours, Individual Ordering successfully engaged key customers, offering out-of-hours dining experiences with a huge range of restaurants from high-street brands to local favourites.


User Tracking

Product Designer | Just Eat for Business

Enhancing service efficiency, we reduced customer support inquiries and improved the quality of service for restaurant partners by furnishing them with reliable tracking information.



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